Preggo Bangers

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Pregnant Pussy Licked And Then Fucked

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When you first look at her, you wouldn’t suspect that young European blond Tunde was pregnant. However, as the camera pans down past her pretty face and small natural breasts, there’s no mistaking the pregnant swell of her enormous belly!

She needs money, so she gets it on with an older gentleman in return for hard cash. She strips nervously for him, standing shyly completely naked in the middle of the living room before the man pushes her back on to the sofa and spreads her legs.

Despite being heavily pregnant, Tunde is completely shaved down below, and she has her sweet, dribbling pussy licked by the stud before he fucks it!


Pregnant Coed Gets Wild Fuck Session

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There are some bitches who lay around during their pregnancies and bitch because they’re bored, and there are others that end up getting laid by every guy that ever wanted to fuck a pregnant chick. Laya Leighton is in the latter category, and she is entertaining John Janeiro today.

She loves opening up her pussy nice and wide, and her swollen tummy is right in view as well. She has swollen breasts as well, and he loves exploring those big floppy tits. You can almost see the breast milk coming out of them!


Nerdy Pregnant Amateur with Huge Nips

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Natalia is a nerdy pregnant babe that looks like she is set to have plenty of fun, and the first thing that she does is to make sure that she’s going to have a lively sex life. Lazos is up for that, and he starts things off by working on that pregnant tummy of hers.

Once he’s done with that, he pulls off her clothes to reveal that she is sporting majorly gigantic nipples. These things are huge, and they end up dominating the scene. There isn’t anything like seeing her get her legs spread wide and fucked like a motherfucker!


Nubile Blonde Licks Pregnant Friend’s Box

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Pregnant brunette Suzane is desperate to orgasm, and now that her husband has left her she finds herself with limited options for sexual satisfaction.

She lies back on the sofa, trying to insert a whole orange into her gaping pussy! Maybe she’s trying to practice for when she has the baby? Lucky for her, her nubile blonde friend Vivien turns up just in the nick of time. Seeing her pregnant friend trying to fuck herself with a piece of fruit,

Vivien takes the orange off her and replaces it with her lips, fingers and tongue. This kicks off an extensive bout of oral sex as the girls take turns going down on each others’ moist vaginas!


Horny Pregnant Amateur Slurping Dick

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Kate is an amateur pregnant girl that isn’t letting that get in the way of her fucking. In fact since she’s not going to do any more damage with fucking everything in sight, she’s throwing herself completely into it. Now that’s the kind of enthusiasm I can get into.

She starts this session off with Miklos, who is rather turned on by the glow of a pregnant woman. He gets his dick sucked to start off with, but quickly moves to something satisfying for the both of them.

There is plenty of pounding to be had with this pregnant babe!


Pregnant Hooker Swallows A Creamy Load

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Sexy redhead hooker Scarlette Kitty accidentally got knocked up by one of her clients, but that hasn’t stopped her from turning tricks. In fact, Scarlette has found that it has been a big improvement for her career – whereas before she was a run-of-the-mill prostitute, now she is an exclusive pregnant hooker who can charge extra!

Her client for the day is wealthy businessman Dave Hardman, who loves perverted sex. Scarlette sashays towards him in some extremely sexy lingerie, her big tits and pregnant belly on offer.

Dave gives it to her deep in doggystyle in her hairy pussy, finally spurting in the pregnant babe’s mouth!


Preggo Timea Nailed In Her Hairy Vagina

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If you are a fan of very hairy pregnant bitches getting banged, you are going to love this European style pregnant sex movie.

At first we see amateur brunette Timea stripping out of her lingerie and masturbating with an extremely large dildo. Her pussy is quite hairy and looks very natural. Then her man Gabor comes in, pulling his cock out of his fly and feeding it to the pregnant tart. She virtually sucks him dry and then lies back, with Gabor feeling her breasts while he ruts her like a pregnant sow.

It’s a very big cock, so it’s lucky that Timea out has got an equally large – and wet – vagina to take that man meat with!


Pregnant Slut Bounces On Rigid Throbber

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Voluptuous brunette Eszter is remarkably athletic for such a heavily pregnant woman. First we see her in the shower, washing off her curvaceous frame before she goes in to the weight room to join her stud, Bob Terminator.

Bob stands with his legs apart and his pants down around his knees while the pregnant hottie sucks on his hard dick. Then Bob lies on the ground, letting the pregnant babe do all the work.

First she grinds on the cock in cowgirl and then she switches around, leaning back with her hands on Bob’s shoulders while she bounces her crotch up and down in reverse cowgirl. She obviously loves that hard man meat!


Horny Pregnant Babe in Interracial Fuck

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Brooklyn Night is in the early stages of pregnancy, but she’s still showing enough to turn on Dwayne Cummings. This pregnant babe wants to get his dick deep inside of her, because she is mega horny during her pregnancy.

He spends some time with her at first, but soon enough she is riding that black trouser snake and enjoying every last second of it. There is so much moaning and groaning going on, she makes sure he can’t resist cumming uncontrollably by the end!


Sexy Pregnant Babe Takes A Hard Cock

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Even though she’s sexy as hell just laying there all pregnant, this video gets way hotter soon enough, once Megann is given the proper awakening. John starts off by rubbing her belly and her big, milky boobs before moving her panties to the side and licking her until she wakes up.

Now she’s ready for anything and everything! He coats her gorgeous pregnant body with oil, and then buries his face between her legs again before she opens her mouth for his dick.

She spreads her legs for him and takes it all the way inside her snatch. Her soft moans becoming damn near screams as she takes him all over the couch and makes him shoot his sperm!


Horny Pregnant Chick Takes On Two

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Dark hair, dark eyes, big boobs, and a sexy, round stomach! Alexis is smoking hot to begin with, but now that she’s pregnant, she’s perfect! She gets dressed up for them in hot lingerie, and then exposes her belly for them to touch. Her nipples are so succulent, and she looks so lovely!

Her doctor told her that she needs to have some sex, so they need to get a move on! Both cocks are ready for her after she bobs her head back and forth between them, and then has her pussy slammed one at a time.

Her boobs and big belly looked amazing when they were pounding her, as they plowed her and covered he boobs and belly with their cum!


Pregnant Bitch Craves A Fat Black Cock

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Busty blonde Ciera Sage finds herself heavily pregnant. Her hormones are running wild and she absolutely craves cock!

She wants any dick that she can get, the bigger, the better! Just then she hears the rubbish truck driving down the street, so she hails it over and invites the black rubbish man inside. Pulling down his jogging pants, she takes his smelly black prick in her mouth and eagerly sucks.

This black guy is in for the ride of his life, as Ciera pushes him back onto the bed and grinds her cunt up and down on his ebony shaft. Her husband would be horrified if he knew that his pregnant wife was giving it up to a black man!


Pregnant Brunette Gets Fucked By The Doc

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A pregnant brunette gets one final exam from her doctor in his hotel room.

He rubs her round belly, and he raises her shirt to give her a breast exam, caressing her engorged tits. She admits that his soft touch turns her on, and they both undress before she lays back on the bed.

He settles between her legs to fuck her missionary, and she gets on her hands and knees to take it doggy style. She climbs on top to bounce on his dick reverse cowgirl, and he finally blows his load all over her stomach!


Hot Pregnant Blonde Fucks Two Guys

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This beautiful blonde has been in porn before, but now she looks even better and sexy now that she’s pregnant!

Alyssa West is so insatiable at 8 months into her pregnancy, so she desperately needs to be given a hard fucking. She takes off her clothes and shows off her big, round belly, as well as those huge, milky tits!

She rubs her pussy while she sucks on a big black dick, and then gets a white one to lick as well. She then spreads her baby tunnel and gets it filled up with cock while still sucking the other, getting tag teamed from all angles much to her delight. She gets tons of cock milk to feast on from them!